Re: Display Help translations for Kupfer in Damned-Lies

2010/3/6 Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu>:
> Ulrik Sverdrup írta:
>> Hi,
>> Kupfer has mallard documentation in its master now, so I need help to
>> get the translation status to show up on our damned lies status page:
> I added it on the admin interface, but for some reason it does not show up
> on the page above :(.
> Claude: is this normal and will be solved by itself, or I did something
> wrong?

Thank you for the help, it shows up now, although only the index
page's translations are read, and it says "Don't know where to read
DOC_LINGUAS". I found gnome-doc-utils which is another module that
uses mallard documentation. Its module page:

It doesn't say "User's Guide" there, but it says "User's Guide for
Mallard; doc/mallard", so there must be some way to set the
documentation format?

I think that if this was all configured from the module.doap file, it
would be straightforward for module maintainers to do it themselves.
It would be advantageous to have all module "parameters" defined in
the same place.


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