Re: String additions to 'ekiga.master'

On 03/06/10 20:43, Andre Klapper wrote:
Am Donnerstag, den 03.06.2010, 20:30 +0200 schrieb Eugen Dedu:
We do not yet know which version will be released with gnome 2.30.  So I
reverted the change, sorry for bothering you.

GNOME 2.30 was already released two months ago. According to Ekiga 3.2.6
was used. The GNOME schedule can be found at .

I still do not understand why this constrain.  It seems to me that the
natural solution is that 1-2 months before each release, the branch (or
the HEAD if the branch does not exist) enters string freeze, and before
that everything is allowed.


This gives translators 1-2 months to work
on translations.  But we are now four months away from the release and
we cannot make string changes for this release...

You did not branch Ekiga yet after GNOME 2.30 was released. And all the
branches of those apps used for GNOME 2.30 are string frozen for all
times and one day.
So branch Ekiga for gnome-2-30, gnome-2-30 will be used for more stable
releases of Ekiga in GNOME 2.30, and feel free to changes any strings in
git master which will be branched to gnome-3-0 in a few months. Or so.

To resume: if I make a branch called gnome-2-30 from current stable branch (gnome-2-26), it will automatically become current stable branch and will be string frozen forever, while master becomes ok for string changes until 1-2 months before gnome 3.0, cf. its roadmap. Is all that right?


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