Application for joining GTP Coordination Team

Hi all,

I am Aron Xu from Chinese (China) team, and would like to apply for
joining GTP Coordination Team to help more with coordination efforts.

Here are my contribution overview and I am ready to answer your
questions. Thank you for taking time to have a look.

Contribution Overview


1.Committer in Chinese (China) team[1].
I am the one who is actually doing the most coordination and
review/commit work. Refer to commit messages in GNOME GIT or
notification messages in the archive of i18n-zh[2], our team's current
contacting mailing list.
2.GNOME Foundation member, since Jan 2009.
3.Author and maintainer of Chinese (China) translation guidelines[3].
This is the comprehensive translation guidelines for translating Free
and Open Source Software (FOSS) to Chinese (China) language. It is used
for translating FOSS projects to zh_CN that coordinated on i18n-zh[2]
(including GNOME/KDE/TP, Debian/Ubuntu and more). As far as I know,
translators who are working on Chinese (Taiwan) are also proposing a
guide[4] that based on this one. (Now it is stored in my Ubuntu FTP.)
4.Translated some guides to Chinese on GNOME Live[5][6].

GNOME's Downstream:

Chinese (China) translator of dpkg, apt and adduser. I will take over
the maintainence of aptitude domain's translation in near future.

a) Ubuntu Translations Coordinators[7] team member.
Help maintain the translation import queue for Ubuntu, and triage bugs
for translation issues.
b) Leader and translator of Ubuntu Simplified Chinese Translators team[8].
c) Wrote a series of guide introducing localization in the FOSS
ecosystem - including starter guides, upstream and downstream
relationship, how to use the various kinds of infrastructures, guide to
contribute to upstream projects. An index of my guides is here[9].
I made these guides on our Ubuntu local community Wiki since it is the
most wide-spread GNU/Linux distribution in our country, and I believe
doing so is not in the way of sharing those knowledge among upstream
contributors and other distribution's contributors.

Member of fedora-cvs-l10n team, help maintaining Chinese (China)
translations of virt-manager related domains. (FAS user name: aron. I
have an account on, not sure where is the real
profile that you could read.)

Other FOSS projects:
1.Translation Project zh_CN team member[10].
Assigned domains: coreutils, grub, mkisofs, nano, xdg-user-dirs.
Translated domains: gawk, gettext-runtime, gnutls, gtkspell, libgnutls,
libgpg-error, liferea, xchat.
2.KDE svn committer, serving in kde-china team.
3.Leader and translator of Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators
3.Enlightenment project translation committer[12].
Sponsor for all languages from mailing list.
4.Translator of many other FOSS projects: pidgin, shared-mime-info,
webkit, clamtk, codeblocks, schooltool, zeitgeist,
gnome-activity-journal, exaile, geany, gobby, and far more.



Aron Xu

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