Re: Automatic notifications of string changes


I am against this! And this is mostly because it will cause a lot of
mails in my inbox in this state. The announcements as they are know are
much better as the developer can explain the change and people can
comment on the added strings now.

I guess when we have an automatic notification that would cause that
people don't care to much about this phase as i18n is notified anyway if
they change something.

And what would the benefit be over the announcement mails (which have to
be sent to gnome-doc team anyway)?


Am Mittwoch, den 27.01.2010, 09:47 -0300 schrieb Jonh Wendell:
> Hello, folks.
> I was wondering... Can't we automatically be notified when there are
> string changes in this period of notifications?
> We already have automatic notifications of branches, and we already are
> notified when someone breaks the freeze, so...
> Cheers,

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