String Change Announcement: new strings for Orca


We added the following new strings to Orca's module today:

# Translators: the 'flat review' feature of Orca
# allows the blind user to explore the text in a
# window in a 2D fashion.  That is, Orca treats all
# the text from all objects in a window (e.g.,
# buttons, labels, etc.) as a sequence of words in a
# sequence of lines.  The flat review feature allows
# the user to explore this text by the {previous,next}
# {line,word,character}.  Previous will go backwards
# in the window until you reach the top (i.e., it will
# wrap across lines if necessary).  This command will
# cause Orca to speak information about the current character
# Like its unicode value and other relevant information
_("Speaks unicode value of the current flat review character.")

# Translators: this is information about a unicode character
# reported to the user.  The value is the unicode number value
# of this character in hex.
_("Unicode %s")

Thanks for all your hard work!


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