Re: Can i clone PO folder only


2010/1/19 Nurali Abdurahmonov <mavnur gmail com>:
> Guy I have limited and very expensive internet bandwidth. I'm translator
> only. Can clone (check out) only "po" folder?

unfortunately no, it is not possible with git. If you only need to
translate your own language, you can download it from the "damned
lies" website:

Once done you might consider upload the file back there and ask some
one to commit/push it for you.

Hope this might help.


PS: is there a wiki page on l.g.o under the TranslationProject that
can explain this and the procedure that someone has to follow? (like:
upload the file do damned-lies, ask someone|open a bug...)

Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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