Re: plural forms in asturian language

Op Vr, 2010-01-15 om 17:47 +0200 skryf Ihar Hrachyshka:
> I'm currious why this kind of info is not saved in libgettext (or does
> it?)...

Only the gettext maintainer can answer that, but it might be useful to
point out that there are some cases where languages might want to vary
what they want to use as plural formula (per file).  For many languages
these things are entirely fixed, but even there, I guess some languages
might want to handle the number 0 different in some cases (which might
change their usual formula).

I hope that if we have this information automatically configured in
tools like Virtaal it can save people a lot of trouble.  The plural
settings are always difficult to explain and to define - if we can save
people that bit of trouble, I think it can help.

Keep well

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