How to prepare for GNOME 3.0

Gnome 2.30 is the last before 3.0 and this period should be used for
testing the Gnome 2.30 components and translations.
As far as I understand, the most important components of Gnome 3.0 will be:
Gnome Shell
Gnome Zeitgeist

Our team has translated Gnome Shell. Mutter is seems an easy task because
it is based on metacity and the strings are similar.

Zeitgeist/Gnome activity journal is another thing. It is not in Gnome's
git. When will it be imported there? There was a policy that official
releases are to be based on source on Gnome's servers. What should we do
in order to translate it?

Bear in mind that bazaar is different source control system and Launchpad
has their own policies.

Kind regards:

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