Re: libgweather

Le mardi 16 février 2010 à 14:52 +0530, Tirumurti Vasudevan a écrit :
> why do i get the msg that libgweather is 40 strings short of 100% here
> :
> libgweather • Weather Applet Locations   	master  	99  99% (4332/35/5)  	
> when i try to update it via git it says :
> drtv narayana:~/git/libgweather/po$ intltool-update ta
> ........................ done.
> 181 translated messages.
> drtv narayana:~/git/libgweather/po$
> what am i missing?

You're missing the fact that there are two po domains for libgweather:

Note also that the po-locations pot file is generated in a custom manner
(different sort order), so it would be best to use the pot file from instead of using intltool-update locally.



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