String and UI Changes in Tomboy 1.1.2

Hi Beautiful People,

For Tomboy 1.1.2, I merged in two new features that that added UI and strings:

Automatic background note synchronization (aka 'autosync')
In the Sync Tab of Tomboy's Preferences dialog, there is a new option
to automatically sync your notes every N minutes.  In Tomboy 1.1.2
this section of the prefs UI is desensitized because the feature is
still a bit experimental, but it can be manually enabled by mucking
around in gconf [0].  We'll sensitize this UI in Tomboy 1.1.3.

If we have time, I intend to have Tomboy's icon change when it is
doing a background sync (which I don't think would constitute a UI
freeze break).

New dialog when renaming a linked note
If words in your Tomboy note content match the title of an existing
note, they are automatically linked to that note.  In previous
versions of Tomboy, renaming the linked note would cause the text in
the linking note to be changed to the new title.  This is a cool
feature, but it really sucked when people didn't know it was
happening, and used common words or phrases as note titles.  For
example, if you had a note called "Ubuntu", and you renamed it to
"Ubuntu bugs", every note that had the word "Ubuntu" in it would
replace "Ubuntu" with "Ubuntu bugs".

Anyway, in Tomboy 1.1.2, we added a dialog that shows up if you rename
a note that other notes were linking to.  It gives you the choice of
what to do (the default action is not renaming links, which is
probably the safest for your note content), and has an Advanced
section that lets you decide on a per-note basis.  You can see
screenshots in the corresponding bug report [1].

In addition, we've added a new preference in the Editing tab of
Tomboy's Preferences dialog.  It lets you decide whether to always
show the dialog, always rename links, or never rename links.

Hopefully this is the last time you'll hear from me this cycle.  ;-)

Thanks for being awesome,


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