GNOME i18n survey

Hi happy GNOME language coordinator!

The GNOME i18n team (which you are part of) wants to know better each
other [1], that way we can improve the overall experience of translating

It has been decided to run a small survey[2] which is attached on this

We would appreciate to send it back to gforcada gnome org within two
weeks (just before the GNOME 2.32 string freeze scheduled for August

Don't hesitate to contact me or the GNOME i18n mailinglist [3] with any
question you come up while filling the survey and also to give feedback
on the survey itself.

Happy translating,


gil forcada

[ca] - una xarxa lliure que no para de créixer
[en] - a non-stopping free network

== Team information ==
1 Which translation team are you coordinating?
2 How many active translators does your team have?
3 Which profile do the translators have, are they mostly hackers, linguists, a mix?
4 Are all your team members volunteers?
4.1 If any of your team members are paid for the translation work, by which kind of organization/institution?
5 How do you spread the word to get new contributors?
5.1 Have you gone to universities/high schools to reach new blood?

== Coordinator and membership ==
6 Are you subscribed to the gnome-i18n[1] and devel-announce-list[2] mailing lists?
6.1 If not, why?
7 Which communication channels do you use to coordinate translation activities?
8 What is the process of accepting new members to your team?
9 Is there any particular area related to your team or language in which you need advice or help?

== Workflow ==
10 Do you run translation jams, marathons or other translation events?
11 How do you translate each GNOME release? Do you start just after the string freeze or do you weekly/monthly do some translation work?
12 Which programs or utilities do you use for translation?

== Q&A ==
13 Does your team have translation guidelines, glossaries and/or translation memories?
14 Does your team use any methods to keep track of translation problems in your language?
15 How does your team review translations?
15.1 What process do you follow when reviewing?
16 Have you talked with your language official institution about the terminology, tone and way to translate computer software?
17 Do you run technical QA checks (such as the translation-toolkit pofilter[3] tool)?

== Damned Lies ==
18 Does your team use it?
18.1 Rating it from 1 (bad) to 5 (good), how would you evaluate the Damned Lies helpfulness in accomplishing your tasks?
19 Is there anything you would like to be implemented in it (i.e. automatic glossaries)?

== Downstream ==
20 What downstream translation teams (i.e. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE...) do you have contacts with?
20.1 Which kind of relation do you have with the appropriate downstream teams?

== Misc ==
21 Do you have a centralized place for translators of your language for coordination, communication and/or knowledge sharing?
22 Is there anything else you would like to add, not covered by the previous questions?
23 Would you agree with your answers or part of them being published online (e.g. on the GNOME Live! wiki)?

== References ==


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