Re: what does 'Property Nicks' mean?

On Thu, 2010-08-19 at 01:09 +0700, Andika Triwidada wrote:
> While translating damned-lies, I have difficulty translating 'Property Nicks'.
> Is it only used in GTK+?

the "nickname" of a property is part of the property API in GObject. a
GObject property is defined to have 3 strings:

  • name: the string that allows programmatic access to that property;
not translatable.
  • nick: the name of the property to be used when displaying it in a
GUI tool, like Glade; translatable.
  • blurb: the description of the property to be used in a GUI tool;

to draw a parallel with GConf schemas: the name of a property is like
the key name; the nick is like the short description; the blurb is like
the long description.

so "Property Nicks" is a list of user visible strings that should be
displayed with GUI tools that allow changing the values of those



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