Re: Question on commiting a .po file

Am Sonntag, den 15.08.2010, 11:23 +0200 schrieb Christopher Roy
> Hi all,
> say, in case a user of a specific program did a translation not part of the
> gnome-i18n-teams' work, would it be OK for the maintainer to just commit it, or would it
> still need to be approved by the corresponding team?
In my mind, it would be better to let the team approve it. While
crawling the Git to have a look at older German translations, I found
some work of people, who had really no experience with the GNOME
translations. In most cases, the translations were even written by the
(German speaking) developers itself...

We have a perfect tool named »Damned lies«, and we should use it for all
our work. You should always forward such things to the D-L pages, or
recommend the translator to become a team member of his/her language.


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