Re: Leaving the pt_BR coordination

Le vendredi 06 août 2010 à 22:40 -0300, Rodrigo Flores a écrit :
> I'm announcing that I am no longer the coordinator of the Brazilian
> Portuguese translation team. I've been having hard times with my work
> and my master course and I believe that someone can take care of the
> role better than I can do right now.
> I ask the GNOME translation Project to nominate Djavan Fagundes (in
> CC) as the next team coordinator. Djavan is a GNOME foundation member
> since few months ago and has been doing a great contribution to our
> team translating huge modules like Evolution. I believe he is the
> right person to maintain our team focused and maintaining our 100%
> status in the next GNOME versions. He already knows his
> responsabilities as coordinator and he has a Bugzilla account.

Thanks Rodrigo for your involvement in Brazilian Portuguese

I updated the team's page:



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