Adding forgotten strings for translation in Anjuta

Hi all,

* We get a bug report about strings not marked as translatable in Anjuta:

These strings are untranslated since a few releases already, so I can wait the next development phase. On the other hand, if I commit this patch now, they could start to be translated for this release. I think it's better to do it now but I'm waiting a confirmation.

* Then another set of patches that I could commit is those:

These changes are done in the gtk builder files. Most of the changes should make no user difference at all but a few translated strings have been changed in order to remove markup inside by example
  <b>Build</b>  =>  to Build

It seems better for translators but this will make current translation invalid. So I think it's better to do it in the next development phase. Anyway if you want I can commit all these now.



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