Re: About the license of L10n products

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 03:31, JiHui Choi wrote:

> 1. KDE and GNOME includes many projects. Does each project have their own license, or only projects which are published as a specific license like as GPL or BSD? For example, every L10n works on Launchpad are under BSD, aren't them?

a) Each project has its own license;
b) Historically, UI strings have been distributed under a plethora of licenses;

> 2. If each project has their own license for their L10n works, how can I handle those if I want

You need to go to the current, and in some instances, prior maintainer
of each l10n project for each program, to determine exactly which
licenses those strings are distributed under.

Note: It isn't uncommon for several (anywhere between two and ten)
different teams to  provide l10n data for the same program.

> 3. Can I publish and share my glossary under GPL?

Perhaps.    You'll need to verify that each string has been
distributed under the same version of that license.

> There are several licenses, for GNOME, KDE and GIMP are GPL, LGPL for OpenOffice, Firefox has MPL and BSD for Launchpad.

Depending upon the specific  l10n team, you might find that the
translation strings have been licensed under more licenses than the
program, simply to maintain cross-project license compatibility.


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