Re: How to update Rhythmbox and Totem L10N DEV Version to community

Thanks for contributing!

The GNOME Translation Project uses a web application called "Damned
Lies" to manage the workflow: Generically
speaking, I suggest you to have your translators joinning the teams
(authorization is not needed) and submitting your translations for
reviewing; if everything is OK the translations will be committed to
GNOME's Subversion repository and will be made available to users when
there's another release. In the future I suggest you to work directly
upstream, to make your contribution more readily available (e.g.,
Rhythmbox 0.11.6 was already released) and avoid having two people
working on the same translation at the same time. Regarding Totem, the
GNOME 2.22.x development cycle is already over, and we are working to
release Totem 2.26.0 in a few days. You can always check our schedule
at: The page alwayshas a link to a more
detailed page about the current release cycle. Please check if your
contributions weren't already implemented by somebody else :)

Speaking as the pt_BR l10n team coordinator, Totem and Rhythmbox are
already completely translated to our language. Please compare our
current translation to yours, and submit a translation with the best of
both. If your translation updates include the "hotkey" (_access keys?)
fixes, you may want to wait until the fixes in the glade file are
incorporated to the source code, and only then submit the translation
via Damned Lies. Your Brazilian translator(s) may want to subscribe to
our mailing list
( and
reading/contributing to our wiki ( for better

Non-l10n fixes, improvements and bug reports (e.g. the glade files) are
best submitted using GNOME's bug tracker system:

It will be surely nice to have you guys around!

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009 11:01:58 +0800, "Howard" <howard zheng hisoft com>
> To whom maybe concerned,
> HiSoft L10N Team updated ES and PT_BR translation base on Rhythmbox (v
> 0.11.5) and Totem (v 2.22.1).
> And executed 3 cycle L10N testing for SW, fixed 2 hotkey defects on
> Rhythmbox. (modified 2 .glade files)
> Now I want to consult the criteria of open source software delivery to
> your
> community.
> Thanks!
> Howard
> hiSoft Technology International Ltd
> Web:

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