[Announce Release 8.4.9]

I would like first to apologise towards the Portuguese children and
teachers who have faced the translation issue.
A special thanks to our Gnome Portuguese translation team, Duarte Loreto
and António Lima. They spent the week-end working on a rework of the
translation under the pressure of the bad press we have been facing in
some Portugal's news paper.

GCompris supports over 50 languages and its a community based effort.
Yes in some case we may ship incomplete or incorrect translations. We
have always considered that we need to start somewhere and that an
incomplete translation is better than no translation at all. This as
worked pretty well so far because once people sees that the translation
is not correct they join the project to improve it.

Over the years, the Gnome Translation team gets stronger but for
historical reason I kept the bad custom to release po files myself. I
now understand how wrong I was. I call again the Gnome translation team
to take over the languages I still commit myself. You can find which in
the po/ChangeLog file.
So this is pretty unusual for us to be in the headline. I hope this will
calm down so we can go back to what we like to do, help the children

Now the release notes for the 8.4.9:
- Fixes to compile on Ubuntu 8.10
- Improved robustness, fixed potential crash cases
- Miguel DE Izarra implemented a word selector. Now the teacher
  can easily put their own words in the reading and falling word
- Integrated several patches from Vitali Perchonok related to
  Right to Left languages support.
- Matieu Ignacio: New original background for the target activity.
- Vitali Perchonok provided several images from OpenClipart to
  replace ours.
- Miguel De Izarra added support for a network mode to let teachers
  centralise their customisations.
  This save custom data in user_dir and make a content.txt
  (a md5sum like file) listing custom files. Simply put this files
  in a web server to diffuse in classroom.
  GCompris clients are launched with --server
- Miquel De Izarra Added support for editing the content of the
  missing letter activity.
- Fixed the empty date field in the admin section on Windows.
- Now properly points use images in ~My GCompris/Images
  In the animation activity, the image selector will display
  all images from this directory.
- gnet library is now enabled by default at compile time.

- Voices in Punjabi by Ankit Sahai

- Translation updates:
 * af.po: Created translation for Afrikaans by  Friedel Wolff and Samuel
 * bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation by
 * de.po: Updated German translation
 * el.po: Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis
 * es.po: Updated Spanish translation
 * fr.po: Updated French translation.
 * he.po: Updated Hebrew translation by Jorge Mariano.
 * hu.po: Translation updated.
 * ka.po: Updated Georgian translation by Gia Shervashidze.
 * nn.po: Updated Norwegian Nynorsk by Karl Ove Hufthammer
 * pa.po: Updated Punjabi translation by Ankit Sahai
 * pt.po: Updated Portuguese translation by Duarte Loreto and António
 * pt_BR.po: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
 * sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
 * ta.po:  Tamil Translation updated by Tirumurthi Vasudevan

Bruno Coudoin
http://gcompris.net  Free educational software for kids
http://toulibre.org  Logiciel Libre à Toulouse
http://april.org     Promouvoir et défendre le Logiciel Libre

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