Re: Neapolitan - how to proceed

On 6/26/09, Sabine Cretella <s cretella gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, I have part of GTK+ localised in Neapolitan now. My huge problem is: who
> promised to proofread has or no time to do so or simply doesn't feel like
> proof reading. I know that the stuff I write is fairly correct, better in
> terms of terminology and correctness in spelling than most natives would
> write (their language isn't taught, therefore many just write without any
> criteria using Italian codification to spell things instead of proper
> Neapolitan), but I also know that it really needs improvement. Now: should I
> commit what I have or better wait?
> Neapolitan should have been the example for other less resourced languages
> we deal with and now ... argh ... I have quite mixed feelings now on how to
> go ahead.
> Any insights from your side?

If you have noone to proofread, commit what you have. Chances are that
some users will notice the translations later, and that someone even
will consider improving them.

On the other hand, if you don't commit them, chances are big that the
translations will never be noticed and eventually be forgotten. That
would be a shame.

Sometimes, aiming for instant perfection is not the best strategy.
Just aiming for something that is better than nothing can be a good
strategy from start as well. Quality can be improved over time.


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