Re: PiTiVi translations for release

>> > Yes, pitivi 0.13.1 has been released 4 days ago. Then Edward committed a
>> > series of patch I proposed to mark more strings translatable. I think
>> > that a 0.13.2 version will be released in some weeks.
>  We'll try to give more warning for the next release... but since we
> normally only have one week between the first pre-release (which freezes
> everything except for blocker/regression fixing) and the actual release
> there isn't much we can do :(
>  I'm open to any suggestions to make the workflow easier for the gnome
> i18n team.
>    Edward

Hallo Edward

It quite all right. The only reason I was wondering, was because your
original message did not give a specific day, only "next week", and
there was then no e-mail stating that now it had been released. Any
one of those would be fine. Anyway besides that I think the work flow
is just fine, sure we'd almost always like more warning, but I know
that's not always possible and 1 week is enough to get it through the
process if everyone hurry, so just keep up the good work.

Btw, Claude mentioned the possibility of a new release in a few weeks,
let us know as soon as it is decided.

Regards Kenneth Nielsen

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