Re: [gnome-system-tools] Created branch gnome-2-28

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Claude Paroz<claude 2xlibre net> wrote:
> Le lundi 31 août 2009 à 20:20 +0200, Łukasz Jernaś a écrit :
>> On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 7:22 PM, Gil Forcada<gforcada gnome org> wrote:
>> > El dl 31 de 08 de 2009 a les 16:19 +0000, en/na Milan Bouchet-Valat va
>> > escriure:
>> >> The branch 'gnome-2-28' was created.
>> >
>> > updated :)
>> Could the updated translations be merged into that branch, please?
> The translations committed in master until the branch was created are
> also part of the branch, like any other source code.
> When a module branch, it is your duty as committer to put translations
> in both branch and master.

Hmm, first I don't have an commit rights so I can't do it myself.
Second - as far as I know this branch was created ca. 2 hours ago, but
on master there are translations which are older than 2 hours (and
were pushed before that time). So the 2.28 branch seems to be created
not from current master, but from a >4 day old tip (as the French and
Bengali translations also aren't on 2.28...). That's why I made my
request. So your statement isn't exactly correct IMHO...


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