Re: Prioritisation amidst deprecation


Am Sonntag, den 23.08.2009, 13:46 +0200 schrieb F Wolff:
> Can anybody give some guidance about which modules might be close to
> end-of-life, which ones won't be used much anymore, or any similar
> issues that should affect translators like me who are not yet close to
> supported status?

Deprecated modules are listes on the subpages of .

List of deprecated translatable modules that will be killed for GNOME
3.0 & are part of the official GNOME 2.28 module set:
      * libbonobo(ui): used by a variety of applications in 2.28
      * at-spi: used by several applications (Replacement: at-spi2)
      * libgnome: used by Evolution and Tomboy in 2.28
      * libgnomeui:  used by Evolution and gnome-panel in 2.28
      * libgnomecanvas: used by Evolution in 2.28
      * libgnomeprint(ui): not used anymore by any module in 2.28
      * gnome-vfs: not used anymore by any module in 2.28
(For your interest: Unused modules are still shipped in 2.28 as we
guarantee API platform stability for the GNOME 2.x series)

      * gnome-mag will either get killed for 3.0 (if we can have a
        magnifier in gnome-shell) or will be ported to a D-Bus API
      * gnome-speech might get killed for 3.0 in favor of
      * gconf *might* get replaced by dconf for 3.0 or 3.2
      * gtkhtml *might* get replaced by WebKit for 3.2

Also I'd give Development tools a lower priority as most developers
speak english anyway.

I have added a "Choosing the last packages to translate" section to .

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