Re: Do you like the ChangeLog

"ChangeLog"s cause usability issues.

po/ChangeLog is a shared file between translators, so you get situations
that another translator just added to this file before you had the
change to commit.
This comes up as an error, and you have to spent a bit more time to fix.

In addition, in terms of usability, you try to limit the number of
steps to the those
that are really essential. In the case of ChangeLogs, you merely
duplicate the commit message.

As it was mentioned earlier, ChangeLogs are now out since the move to Git, so
the benefit of this discussion is to reiterate this message.

If a project tries to require ChangeLog entries (and manage to get it
through), will probably
end up with incomplete ChangeLogs.


On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 10:32 PM, Kenneth Nielsen <k nielsen81 gmail com> wrote:
> I don't care whether we have changelogs or not, as long as it is the
> same for all modules.
> Regards Kenneth Nielsen
> 2009/4/17 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>:
>> Hi!
>> We decided to remove the ChangeLog for source code changes on the anjuta
>> and the gdl module and use git log instead. Do translaters prefer to
>> keep po/ChangeLog or not?
>> Thanks,
>> Johannes
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