Re: ChangeLog (or lack of it)

Christian Persch wrote:

the presence of a dummy po/ChangeLog file in modules that otherwise have
a no-ChangeLog policy (e.g. epiphany, gnome-games) is necessitated by an
intltool bug, . Once
that's fixed and in an intltool release, the affected modules will be
able to remove po/ChangeLog completely, thus enabling you to detect this
simply by the (non-)existence of that file.

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but is there a handy list of the names of the modules that won't be using ChangeLog? I do not use any script and edit the ChangeLog files manually and this would be a save some time for me. So far all the ChangeLog files I have encountered (till this morning) have very recent entries and possibly no directions to "not write into these files anymore".

Thanks a lot


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