Re: msgctxt conversion for 2.26 ?

"Kenneth Nielsen" <k nielsen81 gmail com>, Tue, 28 Oct 2008 22:26:09 +0100:

> 2008/10/28 Petr Kovar <pmkovar gnome org>:


> > That's nice, but still, the problem is current from the moment the first
> > string migrates. And that was done some months ago. So many translators
> > got a problem now. But the most interesting part is what the
> > MsgctxtMigration page says:
> >
> > "Warning:
> > This is only a proposal at this time, and not approved for project-wide
> > application. This should not be applied before being officially turned
> > into a GNOME Goal."
> >
> > Oh really? Does anybody look at that? Does anybody give a damn about
> > that? Just wondering... ;-)
> Yes I remember you objected back then and still someone decided to
> test the transition, but now however, we _are_ discussing the
> possibility to make it an official GNOME goal! Any input in _that_
> subject ;)

Well, then I misunderstood the thread. So please, could this what I
might call, say, a discreditable situation be make an official GNOME goal
finally? Because the migration is already happening for some time, and the
warning notice seems like a confirmation that the current i18n team work
is, with all due respect, weak, irresolute, and generally gives
inconvincible results. Thus please, any senior member, do something with
that. Thanks.

Petr Kovar

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