Re: Hello, there seems to be a problem.


right now there isn't any es_XX team. Since the "Spanish" team is quite
small, many years ago the member teams decided to translate everything
into "neutral spanish", which is not Spanish from Spain, nor from
Mexico, nor from Chile and so on. 
Therefore anyone can understand it although is not exactly from their

Of course you can ask to start the team es_MX, translating only Inkscape
or whatever else, or you can join our common efforts to keep the Spanish
translations up to date, that's up to you.


El sáb, 15-03-2008 a las 21:30 -0400, Pedro Antonio Ascencio Villafuerte
> Hello, I was checking the inkscape website and I saw that you guys
> keep some statistics about what's the percentage of documentation
> available for each language, so I saw that the es_MX (Mexican Spanish)
> section had only 9% and I wanted to contribute by translating some
> documentation, but when I went to the "Translation Information" area
> to see what I had to do to get started, I realized that Mexican
> Spanish was not in the list of languages available, so I thought that
> there might've be an error regarding that list and someone forgot to
> include it, if there wasn't a team available for es_MX then it
> wouldn't appear in the statistics, anyways if there isn't a team I'd
> like to create one and if there is one please add it to the list,
> regards.
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