Issue with two strings in GDM L10N

L10N team:

It was recently reported that there is a problem translating two strings
in GDM.  They are currently marked for translation, but I think
improperly.  You can read more in the bug report.

Refer to comment #10 for a description of the problem, and comment #12
for a proposed patch to fix the problem so the strings are more
clearly marked for translation.

I have two questions

1) I'm not sure the proposed patch is the right way to mark these
   strings for translation.  If there is a better way, I'd like to

2) I would like to fix this problem before the next GDM 2.20 release.
   Is it necessary to ask for string break approval for this change
   or is it acceptable to just change the code and ask the L10N
   team to update the translations?  Since these strings were
   previously marked for translations, but improperly, I'm not sure
   the right process here.



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