Re: Kazakh Coordinator Not Responding

On 3/18/08, Simos Xenitellis <simos lists googlemail com> wrote:
> Gizat M. wrote:
>  > Dear GNOME staff,
>  > I am from Kazakhstan and had been using GNU/Linux for over two months
>  > now and will never switch to other OS again!
>  > Because I love it so much, I'd like to spread it among my Kazakh
>  > people. And I am eager to contribute in making a Kazakh GNOME.
>  > However, the current coordinator assigned for the Kazakh team is not
>  > responding, that is his email is not valid, it doesn't exist. I can't
>  > reach him and there's no advances in translation (zero modification
>  > had been made).
>  > How can I resolve this issue? Can I become a coordinator and start
>  > translating GNOME?
>  > Sincerely,
>  > Gizat Makhanov.
>  Hi Gizat,
>  Thanks for your interesting in localising GNOME in the Kazakh language.
>  To become the coordinator for Kazakh, please see the section "There is
>  already a non-responsive coordinator"at
>  Here is his registration of the Kazakh team in 2004,
>  I did some searching for Amrenov. His nickname is "arruah", and
>  apparently his has been active in Ubuntu Rosseta. His profile,
>  shows an updated e-mail address which I cc: as well.
>  He also has a blog, which shows that he is active in open-source, but he
>  has neglected to update the details at GNOME Translation.
>  Ubuntu allows to translate GNOME on their own servers, and it appears
>  that Amrenov has done a little work there,
>  However, none of these translations have been added back to GNOME (this
>  has to be done manually).
>  I am cc:ing Amrenov, as evidence that a notification e-mail has been
>  sent to his e-mail account.
>  Amrenov, if you are reading this, please reply.
>  Kazakh localisation is very important for GNOME.
>  It is very important for both of you to talk it over and make an active
>  Kazakh GNOME localisation team.

Any news on this? Anyone still interested in Kazakh? Anyone still
interested in being a coordinator for Kazakh in GNOME?

It seems not much has changed, except for the Kazakh team info being
unlisted in the GNOME Translation Project, due to inactivity:

It is very unfortunate that, from Simos' investigations, it seems all
activity on Kazakh is being done in Rosetta only and hence only for
Ubuntu. Having the Kazakh translations also upstream (in GNOME itself)
would benefit everyone and reach a wider audience.


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