String addition to EOG


As string change announcement period starts today, I thought I make you
aware of some strings I just added to EOG's trunk (Sorry, I know it's
pretty close before release) which might be a bit tricky.

In an attempt to fix bug #543171 I added the following two strings to
EOG which will be shown in the image properties dialog:

+ "%.1f (lens)"
This one means to describe the actual focal length of the lens used
while taking a picture. This is the value that was displayed up to now.

+ "%.1f (35mm film)"
This one is also the focal length but assumes you used a 35mm film
camera. This is apparently the prefered value by photographers because
it is comparable while the lens value is dependending on the camera.

The bracketed descriptions are added for differentiation because both
values are displayed in the same line using "Focal Length" as



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