New team for [Persian] ([fa]


Please read the whole message.

My name is: Mohammad Moulai

My Bugzilla account is: momo pars gmail com

My language is: Persian ( پارسی ).  The ISO 639 code of Persian language is: fa

I wanna start a new team to translate gnome in persian

I have send this message before and I got this:

Please read the history of this mailing list.

It is very difficult to replace translation coordinator, if you don't have
history of translation work. Call it bad karma or lack of reputation.

If you want to improve Persian translations, start translating things and
file bug reports with your translations or send translation to translation
coordinator. You might not like current coordinator, but by attacking him
you won't reach your goals.

Translate things, build up reputation. Complain if you have something
translated and it is not added to Gnome software repository in reasonable
time frame.

If we create a petition on would that be helpful? To show every one that we are not joking.
We are not looking for reputation.
We just want to improve translations of our language ( Persian ) in next Gnome releases.
That's all

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