New damned lies thoughts


I've noticed there are several issues at the new DL site:

 * To edit the user profile, the link provided is broken, it should
not have the last "/edit" (the link is provided by a sheet and
magnifying glass icon).
* At the user profile page, the language is not translated, although I
remember I saw the variable at the string when translating it.
* Can't I change my password? I find it pretty difficult to remember
the given one.
* I personally dislike the new layout where the docs and the UI pages
are separated, it takes much longer to download a po file.
* I do not have permission to see the files I myself uploaded.
* Is there a way to approve the uploaded translations? or all the
process must be done manually like before.

I know you probably spent so much time improving the site, therefore I
want to thank you for all the work done, but also to point out what
doesn't work (yet) and/or how the new features work.

aloriel gmail com
IM: aloriel jabber org

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