Re: Adding context information for tooltips

On Monday 08 December 2008, Christian Rose wrote:
> Totally agree.
> Translator comments are (or should be) there to help translators know
> how a string is used.
> Message context is there to disambiguate strings that would otherwise
> be identical in English writing, but differ in contextual meaning.
> Examples:
>   NC_("keyboard-key", "_Add key")
>   NC_("ssh-key", "_Add key")
>   /* TRANSLATORS: This is shown in the menu. */
>   N_("_Help")

This clarifies a lot, thank you.
Indeed - what I was asking for (distinguishing tooltip strings from label 
strings) would require translation comments to be interleaved inside function 
calls - I don'tṫ  think that is feasible (having coding style in mind) - or 
is it?

> Christian

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