Re: Brasero string freeze

Le dimanche 30 novembre 2008 à 18:12 +0100, Philippe Rouquier a écrit :
   Hi all,

all strings of brasero are now frozen. We don't intend to modify or add any new string until the release of 0.8.4 which should happen in two weeks (around the 15th of Dec). Given the late changes I hope that will be enough for you. If not, please let me know so we can arrange something.

We also intend to branch trunk for 0.8.4 and start development on a new series next weekend (around the 7th of December). I'll let you know when it's done.

As some of you may have noticed, many strings have changed since last release due to a general review of our strings. This was compulsory considering we proposed brasero for inclusion in GNOME and strings were one of the flaws people saw in brasero. I managed to cut the number of strings by 10% (approximately 100) in the process, removed some too technical strings and fixed problems of capitalizations and typos. Sorry about the changes.

I also tried to add more comments to clear things up so if you feel a string deserves to be commented or looks strange, please let me know so I can add a comment or fix the string before the release. Of course, I'd let you know if such a change happened and I hope it won't.

Again thanks all for your excellent work.


This was to let you know that some translators helped us to spot some fishy strings that were fixed (2 or 3 strings) in SVN trunk.



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