Re: Gedit problem

O Lun, 11-08-2008 ás 19:14 +0200, Claude Paroz escribiu:
> Le lundi 11 août 2008 à 18:05 +0200, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro a écrit :
> > As you can see in d-l gedit has several files to add to,
> > this is because they changed all glade stuff to gtkbuilder. Well I tried
> > to update the moving all .glade files to POTFILES.skip and
> > adding the .ui files. Problem: 100 strings are missing doing this and
> > the .ui files are just the .glade files converted with the script. 
> > Any idea why this is happening?
> I think you have to prefix all .ui files with '[type: gettext/glade]'
> See by example the totem file.

Thanks Claude, I've updated the POTFILES file, it seems there are a few
new string to translate.

> Claude

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