Re: Gimp traslations

On 8/7/08, Khoem Sokhem <khoemsokhem khmeros info> wrote:
> On Thursday 07 August 2008 3:36:10 pm Simos Xenitellis បាន​សរសសេរ ៖
>  > If you tried this and you really forgot the password, then you can ask
>  > to make a new "SSH key pair".
> Oop! I know the problem with this, Because of I install new linux (openSUSE)
>  without backing up that file. So Have I to make a new SSH key pair again?

If that's the case, yes, that's the problem.

>  How careless am I?

A lot, I would think.
explicitly mentions that you should protect, and take care of, your
private SSH key!

That being said, please follow instructions on and our volunteer sysadmins will
eventually help you add a new key.


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