Re: major libgweather Locations updates

Claude Paroz wrote:
> Le lundi 04 août 2008 à 07:37 -0400, Dan Winship a écrit :
> Dan, do you have criteria to include new cities?
> For example, for Liechtenstein, a very small country of 160 km2 and
> 35000 inhabitants, there is 11 cities. What's the use case?

The vast Liechtensteinian GNOME hacker contingent? Important enterprise
desktop sales among Lichtenstienian megacorporations?

Hm... so basically this was the script being dumb. One of the criteria I
was using to decide "major cities" was "cities that are the capitals of
top-level administrative divisions" (eg, states provinces, etc), because
our dataset has that information for most countries, but it doesn't have
population information. This heuristic worked really well in some
countries, but then in other places it looks like it's just filling
Locations.xml up with crap...

So I took out that rule and regenerated, and now 10 of
those 11 cities in Liechtenstein are gone, along with 619 other cities
around the world. (A couple dozen of those cities actually *are* major
cities that we want to eventually put back, but we can fix those later.)

-- Dan

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