Re: major libgweather Locations updates

This immense change is something that I personally do not approve of. 
Translating cities, huts, hamlets and jerk water somewhere is no
particular fun. And there is no particular use of this.
I as a coordinator of the Bulgarian Gnome project am putting translation
of the places in gweather in the trash.
The developers of gweather can scrape atlases and maps for whatever
damn, uninhabited place on Earth (or Moon actually, why the smeg is Mare
Tranquillitatis missing from gweather?) or stranded military base.
Life is way too short for this shit.
The least they could have done is to have provided us with IPA
I cannot think of any motif for their deed but the direst passion to be
blogged about in linuxhaters.
Come on guys, you could have contacted the team there directly, no need
for such convoluted ways. This is not the incredible machine, you are
not Rube Goldberg.

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