Re: GNOME dependencies and translation status

El vie, 11-05-2007 a las 22:16 +0200, Claude Paroz escribió:
> Le vendredi 11 mai 2007 à 15:22 +0200, Danilo Šegan a écrit :
> > Hi Claude,
> > 
> > Today at 13:16, Claude Paroz wrote:
> > 
> > > It's a bit experimental, and I'm curious to know if this is something
> > > you find useful.
> > 
> > That's why the support for such things existed in Damned Lies in the
> > first place, so I think it's very much useful. :)
> Yes, all things were already prepared for that. Well done, thanks.
> I didn't need to do much to accomodate this.
> > I'd also suggest scrollkeeper, shared-mime-info, and other similar
> > stuff.
> shared-mime-info is already on his way. I also plan to add gstreamer.
Does it really work? I mean, I translated the strings untranslated and
fuzzy for "es" but then I found out that they were already translated:
but the package in "damned lies" continues to show it as before, which
is not completed.

Besides I think it would be really helpful to link the web project
instead of having to look for it each one.

Jorge González González <jorge gonzalez gonzalez hispalinux es>

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