Re: String additions to 'sound-juicer.HEAD'

Le mar 27 mar 2007 11:52:47 CEST, Ross Burton <ross burtonini com> a écrit:

On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 11:43 +0200, claude 2xlibre net wrote:
Seems Bastiens's patches broke string freeze of Sound-Juicer. I also
saw there
has been some branching without telling the required lists.

So would you please revert the changes and proceed the right way ?

I've announced the branch, sorry for forgetting to do that.

Ross, thanks to react so quickly.
I suppose we have to use the 2-16 branch both for GNOME 2.16 and 2.18, right?

Bastien's modifications also landed into the gnome-2-16 branch, with revision

Seems that should be reverted. If you really want to make these changes, you
should then ask formally for a string break.



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