Re: Traffic signs in progress pages

Le vendredi 23 mars 2007 à 01:53 +0100, Danilo Šegan a écrit :
> Hi Claude,
> On Tuesday at 19:25, Claude Paroz wrote:
> > But I can't find anyone to point us to the right resolution of this
> > problem :-(
> Right resolution is for me to update intltool-update on the
> machine, and re-run the entire generation of the stats.

Oh... I like Danilo's mails :-) An answer for everything :-0
I suppose we can't help, except to build you a statue in the middle of
our town :-)

> It's not happening on its own because damned-lies tries to be fast, so
> only regenerates the stats when data (eg. modules from SVN) changes,
> not when damned-lies code changes ;)

That's probably a good thing.



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