Re: "Damned Lies" about desktop-docs?

Such translations ought to be unofficial, "for your convinience." I'm
not sure how are they used and if such a disclaimer is presented.

Leonardo Fontenelle

2007/1/2, Matic Žgur <mr zgur gmail com>:

Dne 31.12.2006 (ned) ob 02:10 -0200 je Leonardo Fontenelle zapisal(a):
> l10n-status had PO files for desktop-gpl, lgpl and fdl. I can't find
> them in progress-g-o, i. e. inside gnome-desktop. Where are they?

Is it OK to translate GPL, LGPL and other licenses? As far as I know,
the only FSF-approved licenses are the English ones.

Matic Zgur

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