Re: Possible minor string freeze break in Tomboy

Just a quick note: the new version of the patch adds exactly one
string to be translated (instead of potentially having to translate
once for each plugin).  That string is the official author name
"Tomboy Project".


On 2/21/07, Sanford Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong gmail com> wrote:

Tomboy's preferences dialog has a tab for plugins that lists
information about each installed plugin (name, description, author,
website, etc).  The patch for bug 410314 [1] replaces each author's
name with "Tomboy Project" and sets the website to our official
website.  The main reason we want to do this is so users can more
easily differentiate between plugins shipped with Tomboy and those
they might have received from other places.

I'm concerned that this might break string freeze.  Previously there
was no need to translate the name of the author, so the string was not
marked as translatable.  If we now set it to "Tomboy Project" for the
plugins we ship, is that something that needs to be translated?

If so, is this an acceptable break in string freeze?



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