Re: [Translation-i18n] l10n/i18n architecture proposal, RFC, presentation at FOSDEM

> Hi all,
> first of all, sorry for cross-posting, I guess some of you will get
> this message two or three times.
> Short introduction of myself, my name is Axel Hecht, and I'm
> coordinating the localizations for Firefox and Thunderbird.
> While looking at our status quo at Mozilla, and looking at other
> attempts, I'm seeing limitations in both what we can do and what
> others can do, and came up with an alternative proposal which I'm now
> opening up for a broader community feedback.
> I am proposing a solution for plain strings of course, but plurals and
> declensions, too. Declensions are new, and, sadly, not backwards
> compatible in any way. I also made a move on parameter substitution in
> localized strings.
> All of this is new enough to take Localization from version 1.0 to 2.0
> (yeah, I'm all web 2.0), so I took the freedom to codename this l20n.
> Pronounced l-twenty, I drop the 'n'.
> This proposal is done with Mozilla on my mind, but it is in no way
> limited to Mozilla, thus I'm seeking wider feedback and cooperation on
> this.
> There are some documents on l20n on the mozilla wiki, if you're
> interested, please check out, I have a
> proof-of-concept implementation with some basic examples implemented
> in ajax (you'll see I'm no web designer) on
> I will give a presentation at FOSDEM this weekend, too,
>, that's Sunday at
> 2pm. I'll give some introduction on where l20n is supposed to go, and
> I do hope to have a good deal of discussion there. Feel free to grab
> me anywhere close to the Mozilla developers room, if you wish.
> Online feedback is of course welcome, either to me, or put challenges
> up on the wiki (add your pages to the L20n category, please).
> Discussion threads are likely best suited for the
> newsgroup, which you can find on google groups, too, in addition to
> That's close topic-wise and really low bandwidth, so
> your signal-to-noise ratio should be fine.
> There are very few things set in stone, so I'll be happy to see a
> wider community participate.
> Thanks and sorry for the wide-spread noise, I'll only do that once.

10 is not a version number. Please remember what 'l10n' means and imagine
how unabbreviated version of 'l20n' will look like.


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