Re: Belarusian Team Page

On 07/02/07, Danilo Šegan <danilo gnome org> wrote:
Hi Ihar,

Today at 10:50, Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:

> Thanks for registering Belarusian Latin variant and changing the
> Belarusian Team page. Anyway, there are some errors:
> 1. We are not Belarusian Latin Translation Team Page, but just
> Belarusian Translation Team.

What do you mean?  It only says "...Team Page" for the web page for
your team.
Here: the header should be
"Belarusian translation team", not "Belarusian latin translation team"
In Details there should be "Belarusian Translation Team Page" not
"Belarusian Latin Translation Team Page"
And also there is a wrong SVN Account name: it should be "iharh".
> 2. I'm a new coordinator of the Team BUT Ales Nyakhaychyk continues to
> be a team member. Shouldn't this info be shown on the page?

It's not possible at the moment.  I hope to add such functionality in
the future.


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