Re: [Usability] Languages and Directories


El mar, 17-04-2007 a las 15:16 +0100, Alan Horkan escribió:
> On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Thilo Pfennig wrote:

> > I am not sure which this is the right list so I wrote to usability and i18n.
> This kind of thing has also been discussed on desktop devel every time
> default folder such as Documents, Pictures, Music, etc get brought up.
> > I think we have an issue with application defaults directories.
> /home
> /media
> these issue are at a much lower level than Gnome, this is largely a
> filesystem issue.
Those ones are but not the apps that make their own directories
from /$home/$user/

> while some things can be done such as the way the Desktop folder and home
> directory are usually presented to users in an interenationalisation
> friendly way there are many people with various requirements which go way
> beyond the reasonable scope of Gnome.
> > Some applications always use english directory names.
> If you could give specific examples perhaps we on the usubility list can
> find some cases where the application could do a better job and abstract
> out the direct file manipulation but there will be many cases of
> "hysterical raisins" and certain less than perfect internationalisation
> will need to tolerated because of way the many layers underneath Gnome
> have built up.
* f-spot (photos)
* rhythmbox (podcasts)

> > Any thoughts on this?
> The standard Music folder question is a whole other can of worms.  If I
> have time later I'll try to dig up some of the threads from Desktop devel
> where the discussion went through many cycles.

Jorge González González <jorge gonzalez gonzalez hispalinux es>

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