Re: translations for some GNOME files in Assamese

hi karunakar!
Thanks for taking my files to commit into CVS but i can't find them on the status page. Can you please verify whether they are in CVS or not?
I appreciate your help.
G Karunakar wrote:
On 8/30/06, Amitakhya Phukan <amitakhya phukan gmail com> wrote:
Hi all!

I have uploaded 4 files in

They are,, and

All of them are translated to assamese.
It would be nice if someone could put them in the CVS repository.
I am mentioning this to the Assamese language team coordinator Mr. S. Patir
in the cc of this message.

good to see assamese activity after long time.. i will check in the
files into CVS, but i think you better complete some part of
developer-libs - as they are an essential part for tranlsations to
work better.


Thanks and regards,
Amitakhya Phukan.

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