Re: Problem with Occitan translations

Answer from Joan Luc Labòrda
"Adiu Yannig
Sonque uei ai lecit los tens messatges a prepaus de las reviradas occitanas de GNOME e KDE.
Vertadierament ai pas mei de temps per continuar aquestes projectes, o au mens pas mei de temps per o gerar. Te soeti de reussir. "

Translation: I've just read your messages about GNOME and KDE occitan translations. I have really not time to go on with these projects. I wish you will succeed.


2006/10/19, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Em Qui, 2006-10-19 às 11:36 +0200, Yannig MARCHEGAY escreveu:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a little problem: I'm localizing Ubuntu (and especially GNOME)
> into Occitan with Rosetta and I'd like other OS's users to benefit
> from that work. I wrote several times to the Occitan team leader but
> no answer :o(
> Does that mean I cannot do anything forever? :o( What can I do for
> other OS's users to benefit from that work?

You  can become the new team leader for your language. Do you
volunteer? :)

Well, I above all volunteer for an access to upload the po files, being a leader doesn't really matter for me :o)

Before that happens we have to confirm that the current Occitan
coordinator, Joan Luc Labòrda, is not responding to e-mails. If he
doesn't reply to this message in a couple of weeks send an e-mail to
this list to remind us.

Fair enouh.

You should probably learn about the GNOME Translation Project in the
mean time. See

I still don't understand very well how CVS works but I still have time for that :o)

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