Changing LSR license

Hello folks,

We're attempting to change the license on the LSR project from CPL to
BSD to make our code more compatible with the rest of the GNOME
ecosystem. To enact this change, we need permission from all
translators who contributed to the LSR project. This is a requirement
of the CPL license and our legal team.

To date, we're missing responses from:

David Lodge (en_GB)
Funda Wang (zh_CN)
Javier Serrado (es)

I've contacted each of these translators twice without a response either time.

We have two options as far as I can tell:

1) Wait indefinitely for a response and risk the legal team reversing
their approval of the license change.
2) Remove their translations from CVS and re-add them at a later time
if they give permission.

Since I do not want to destroy work done by the wonderful translation
team, I'd like to ask what you think we should do. Would it be
acceptable to remove the translations for now, and let these
contributors (or someone else on the translation team I suppose) pull
them out of the CVS attic after the license change?


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