Re: Sound Juicer

ØÙØ ØÙØÙØ 2006-03-04 ØØØØ 01:21 +0100Ø Danilo Åegan ÙÙØØ:
> Yesterday at 21:29, Elnaz Sarbar wrote:
> > Translators may want to transcribe that even if The Beatles is known in
> > their country. Transcribed names looks much nicer when your language is
> > written in a script that is much different from Latin. 
> The only problem is that we are like 10 days before release, and this
> is not the right time to do this.


> I am sure Ross will reenable translation of those strings once
> Sound-Juicer branches for Gnome 2.14. :)

That would be great.

> Cheers,
> Danilo
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