Re: Sound Juicer

ØÙØ ØÙâØÙØÙØ 2006-02-28 ØØØØ 21:38 +0000Ø Ross Burton ÙÙØØ:
> Hi,
> This morning I committed a change to SJ that changes a set of translated
> strings from "Sample Artist", etc to real data.  I marked these as
> translatable but I only expect them to be translated if the translation
> is for a country that has never heard of The Beatles (this is documented
> in the code comments).


Translators may want to transcribe that even if The Beatles is known in
their country. Transcribed names looks much nicer when your language is
written in a script that is much different from Latin. 
Moreover, when the people saw the example written in their own language,
they release it is possible to enter data in their language which is
wonderful :) and new to some like people of my country who haven't had
good localized software before.


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